Tears for
the Tea Maker

“So often it is the ones that we love who provide this balm in these anxious moments. We expose ourselves and share our truths with those who we trust. Tears for Tea Maker is an ode to the intimacy and love that grows from supporting one another in the very simple and often unglamorous ways, the methods that get no recognition. This is an insight into Rose’s private world, the gentle soothing and calming nature of being cared for when you are vulnerable.”
“Are My Cries Worth The Crystal” is a product of its own eclecticism. While the beat, including the rolling kick drum rhythms, sounds like pure, dark techno, the interplay of the track with its melodic elements goes in a more complex direction. Sure, the whole thing can still be classified in the area that the percussion dictates, but stereotyped thinking cannot be implemented with Rose Bonica. The hypnotizing vocal and the mystical synthesizer sounds, which move steadily in the room, attest the track an almost spiritual, but nevertheless honest depth.

Jonas Hellberg

Groove Magazine